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সকলের জন্য উম্মুক্ত সম্পূর্ণ নতুন আঙ্গিকে, সহজ-সরল বাংলা ভাষায় শিক্ষামূলক সংবাদ পৌছে দেওয়ার দৃঢ় প্রত্তয় নিয়ে আমাদের এই যাত্রা শুরু। আপনাদের জন্য সবসময় বাস্থব ও শিক্ষামূলক সংবাদ আপডেট দেওয়াই আমাদের লক্ষ। যদি আপনারা প্রত্যক্ষ বা পরোক্ষ ভাবে কম বেশি উপকৃত হন, তখনই আমরা মনে করব আমাদের পরিশ্রম কিছুটা হলেও সার্থক হয়েছে।

We work in three stages. The reader is our first stage, correspondent are the second stages and the third stage we who work at the backend. Our SpookBook.Net – SPB.N News works with these three levels

SpookBook.Net (SPB.N News) is a multimedia news portal. 21 February, 2014 we started our journey with a few readers. At the beginning there were only three of us. At present, several thousand people accompanied SpookBook.Net.

Creative, Respectful, Open Minded, Indomitable, Righteous, Understandable..

We are interested in creative activities outside of conventional thought. We are always respectful of the opinions of the mutual. We take the best customer service in the interest of the indomitable. We are righteous in all words and work. It is easy and understandable that we say and do.

SpookBook.Net’s goal is to reach educational news to everyone. We want to carry the site to a good and educational platform. We have to stop all the time to provided someone wrong information or unnecessary waste of time through our post.

SpookBook.Net is an online news portal run by volunteer writers. A writer writer to help others, not for any economic purpose. Therefore, we should be encouraged him to write. We’re  the team of  successful online professionals working for the site. Maybe we do not give regular posts for our so many engagements. So we always expect, you write something as a volunteer writer.

As a member of SpookBook.Net we want you to be a regular reader. We hope you will respond to our call. You impetuous our efforts with your support and feedback, this is our expectation


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