SPB.N NEWS – Online Desk: A crew member of Biman Bangladesh Airlines has set a unique example of integrity returning 3,285 pounds of a passenger.

M Ashraf Al Kader Happy, a crew member of BG-002 flight of the national flag carrier, handed over the money its owner UK expatriate Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury here on December 29, said a Biman press release on Sunday.

The release said a passenger of the Dhaka-bound flight from London drew Happy’s attention to an abandoned polythene bag on a seatbelt on December 14 and asked him to remove it.

Happy put the packet in his pocket to discard it later. However, he forgot to dump it and returned to his Mohammadpur residence as usual after the flight landed at Dhaka airport via Sylhet.

When he opened the packet at his residence, he found 3,285 pounds inside and a piece of paper with a UK phone number.

Calling at the number and checking everything, Happy came to know that the actual owner of the money is Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury.

Finally, Shamim came to Bangladesh and took back his money from Happy at his residence on December 29.

While expressing his reaction, Shamim said, “I’m overwhelmed. It seems like a dream.”

Happy said it was her moral responsibility to return the money. “Now, I feel relieved.”

Meanwhile, Happy received accolade from the Biman Managing Director and CEO in recognistion of his honesty. He was called to the Biman headquarters recently and given a certificate.