Venezuela minimum wage to rise by 50 percent

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: Venezuela’s government has announced a 50 per cent increase in the minimum wage and pensions amid runaway inflation. President Nicolas Maduro...

Being professional Marsha Barrnikat have not be resign

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: US new elected president Donald Trump decided to resign all Americal Ambassador . But being a professional ambassador Marsha barrnikat...

Again terror attack in Kashmir – 3 killed

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: Again there is a terror attack in Kashmir . In this attack at least three people killed . On Monday...

Trump son-in-law moves to distance self from business ties

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: Jared Kushner, President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law and one of his closest advisers, is taking steps to distance himself from his...

Iraq: Suicide bombing in Baghdad kills at least 6 people

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: An Iraqi official says a suicide bombing in a bustling commercial area in the Iraqi capital has killed at least...

Shooting at Florida airport – 5 killed

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: A gunman opened fire at a busy florida airport and in this firing at least five people were killed and...

BD peacekeeper shot dead in Central Africa

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: A Bangladeshi peacekeeper was killed during a clash with local terrorists in Central African Republic on Thursday. The deceased was identified...

US warns about travel to Bangladesh

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: The United States is warning about travel to Bangladesh and tightening restrictions on family members accompanying US government officials posted...

Brazil authorities: 33 die in prison, days after 60 killed

SPB.N NEWS - Online Desk: Brazilian authorities said Friday that at least 33 prisoners have died in a penitentiary in the northern state of Roraima,...

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